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            Siyuan literally means “when drinking water, one should always think of the water source”. This is the origin of our name. Siyuan, since its foundation, has always put the customer in the first place and sticks to the highest standard of integrity. And this philosophy has been deeply rooted in the heart of every people of Siyuan. Thanks to strong support from the customers and other partners in different sectors, Siyuan has been moving forward steadily step by step. All the employees have been working hard and dedicated to the growth of the co…

            1, low pressure castingLow pressure casting is to put the mold on a closed furnace above, below the cavity with a tube (called liquid ris…

            New technology makes aluminum a…

            Aluminum network news reporter recently learned, Beijing General Research Institute for non…

            2016-01-22 MORE+

            Quality assurance measures for …

            1, aluminum alloy application characteristicsAluminum alloy is widely used in aviation, aer…

            2016-01-22 MORE+

            Porous aluminum profile extrusi…

            We all know that the extrusion die is working under very bad conditions, high temperature, …

            2016-01-22 MORE+



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