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            Name:Cleaning Agent SY-QLJ1

            Time:2016-6-6 17:00:17

            Slags may accumulate on walls and bottom of the furnace which is frequently used but not cleaned in time. This reduces the quantity of aluminum melts. volume, lowers furnace efficiency and increase production costs. This new cleaning agent reduces workloads of operators and cause no damage to the walls of the furnace.

            Properties: white or gray white powder, 1kg/pack or 2.5kg/pack

            Processing Temperature: 780℃~800℃

            Recommended Dosage: Apply the product depending on thickness of slags on walls of furnace.

            Features and Benefits:

            1.Compared with conventional manual cleaning, this cleaning agent reduces workloads of operators and avoid damages to the walls of furnace.

            2.This product contains a large quantity of elements which can increase the temperature of the furnace, which in turn reduces the consumption of energy.

            3.This product also contains substances which can increase the tension of the slags and loosen the surface of them for easier cleaning.

            Usage: after discharging of the aluminum melts from the furnace, blow proper amount of cleaning agent onto the walls of the furnace. Reheat the furnace for 10 ~ 15 minutes. Scratch off the slags from the walls of the furnace. Repeat the process for 2 to 3 times if the slags are thick.

            Packaging and Storage:

            Pack in plastic bags with corrugated boxes or woven bags as secondary packaging. 20kg or 25kg per box.

            Store it with caution in a dry place, and avoid damps.

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