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            Element additive

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            Name:Titanium Boron Refiner

            Time:2016-6-6 17:46:17

            This product is highly active pure metal powder, which contains a certain fluxing agent. The fluxing agent can help to achieve fast melting of the pure metal powder in the aluminum. The reaction generates critical compounds like TiA13 and TiB2, which can deliver remarkable refining effect.

            Features and Benefits:

            1.Big relative density helps to submerge in the aluminum melts. Gravity and gas generated by molten salts would facilitate the submerge and floating for fast reaction. There is no burning loss and oxidization, avoiding waste of effective elements.

            2.Different block weight packed meet different needs and make it easy to determine the dosage.

            3.Adjustable ratios between titanium and boron can meet different requirements for refining effectiveness and content of titanium and boron.


            1.After the aluminum is completely molten and the required temperature is met, clean off the slags on the surface.

            2.Add a certain amount of titanium boron refiner as needed. Yellow flames are formed. The reaction will exhaust all titanium boron refiner within a short time period.

            3.Keep still for a while and stir evenly. Start to cast after cleaning off the slags.


            1.titanium boron refiner can be added to a holding furnace or a melting furnace.

            2.titanium boron refiner should be added before the final refining process.

            3.The refining effect of titanium boron refiner will degrade in 5 hours. So extra titanium boron refiner should be added after 5 hours.

            4.titanium boron refiner causes no adverse effect on the chemical processing and oxidizing of aluminum and aluminum alloys.

            5.Processing temperature is 750℃~780℃.

            6.Names and Models for titanium boron refiner

            See the table in previous samples.

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