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            Element additive

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            Name:Chromium Additive SY-Cr75

            Time:2016-6-6 17:50:06


            This product is used to adjust the content of chromium in the aluminum alloy. It is a substitute for the intermediate alloy and can reduce the temperature for melting process.

            Features and Benefits:

            1.Content of element is 75%.

            2.Casting yield is higher than 92%.

            3.Easy to use (by direct application)


            Dosage is based on the content of element required for certain alloy grades and the pre-process analysis. Given a 90% casting yield, the amount of additive (chromium additive) should be calculated accurately. Clean off the dross and spread the additive in the molten pool. Wait until the flames disappear. Stir to allow even distribution. Keep such even distribution for a while.

            Process Specifications:

            1.Processing temperature: 740℃ ~ 760℃

            2.Dosage(kg)= (alloy element content(%)- element content from pre-process analysis)÷ casting yield(90%)× content of alloy element in additive(70%)× charging quantity(kg)

            3.Melting time: 15 ~ 30minutes.

            Packaging and storage:

            25kg/pack in corrugated box. Store in a dry place. Shelf life is 6 months.

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