Five R&D Centers

Center for Molecular Breeding Technology Invention & Development
  • Develop trait-associated and genome-wide SNP markers
  • Innovate SNP genotyping technologies to produce SNP marker data in a way that is faster, cheaper, and more reliable
  • Develop advanced molecular breeding technologies to enhance selection accuracy and efficiency, shorten breeding cycles, and accelerate genetic gains
  • Create novel superior alleles at function-defined genes of importance and novel traits by employing advanced genomic tools such as gene editing
  • Furnish the seed industry with an array of advanced molecular breeding technologies tailored to the needs of each breeding program of seed companies, universities, and institutes in all crops
Center for Crop Germplasm Innovation & Utilization
  • Crop germplasm collection, phenotyping and evaluation for discovery of new genes conferring resistance against diseases, pests and abiotic stresses, good quality, high yield, and other economically and environmentally important traits  
  • Innovation of crop germplasm by directional gene transferring and multi-gene stacking assisted with molecular markers
  • High-performance crop marker-assisted breeding for new varieties with resistance against diseases, pests and abiotic stresses, good quality, high yield, and other economically and environmentally important traits  
  • High-performance phenotyping for crop resistance to pests and diseases
  • High-performance phenotyping for crop tolerance to abiotic stress
  • High-performance examination and analysis of rice quality
Center for Varietal Testing and Evaluation
  • As an Independent third-party platform for varietal testing and field trials, the Center provides professional varietal testing services for the national crop variety registration, new variety testing and evaluation in multi-locations, phenotyping, and other agronomic field trials for the various purposes.
  • As many as 100 rice varietal testing sites have been arranged in 16 provinces along the upper, middle and lower valley of the Yangtze River and in the southern China. The variety registration trials are conducted strictly in accordance with the national standards for variety registration, and scientifically managed.
  • A well-recognized professional team with expertise in varietal testing and field trials provides you a whole flow of service from experiment design, field trials, data collection and analysis to the delivery of scientific reports to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Since 2014, the national registration trials of rice hybrids or varieties have been implemented, and a total of 864 rice hybrids or varieties from more than 10 seed companies have been tested. Among the 864 hybrids or varieties tested, 61 were successfully approved and released as the nationally registered varieties.
Center for Seed Quality Testing
  • The Center for Seed Quality Testing provides high quality services from Assay & Method Development to routine Seed Authenticity Testing, Seed Purity Testing and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Testing for the seed, breeding, biotech, food and feed industries.
  • Our center is certificated for seed quality testing by China Accredited Seed Laboratory (CASL).
  • Our GMO testing capability passed the accreditation evaluation of Analysis Capability Assessment System (ACAS) of Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine (CAIQ), Beijing Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center (BIQTC), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Center for Biological Big Data Applications
  • Analyze the NGS and SNP data to help identify the genes and improve breeding efficiency
  • Develop the pipeline to automate the bioinformatics data analysis
  • Develop the software for the breeding and agricultural data management and analysis

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